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Atlanta's Emerging Luxury Wedding Planning Team:

And the planner-designer behind it all!

I am Marnetia ReFour Amaning, owner of ReFour and After Weddings, an emerging full-service luxury wedding planning and design company. With over 10 years in the industry, I've certainly seen a lot, heard a lot, and executed some of the highest of high-end weddings.

So what makes me a luxury wedding planner-designer and an expert in high quality and innovative designs?

I've put in the work. I have worked my way to the top by consistently delivering great service and creative ideas. Through years of experience I have made great connections, and have a portfolio and references to show for it.

My team of incredible vendors consistently deliver a type of wedding where the entire event is handled with professional, luxurious, and high-quality service. Our mission for our weddings is to provide an experience like no other and one that's second to none in uniqueness, quality, and style.

Our clients place a high priority on the guest experience with a greater focus on quality and original artistry.

Our luxury weddings can range from approximately $100k to $700k beginning at $2,500 per person but ultimately each event is unique with it's own unique budget. Producing a wedding is a major investment and I promise to treat your investment as if it were my own.

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