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Choosing Your Wedding Color Palette

The Tried and True Way (The ReFour and After Way)

Your Wedding Color Palette is one of the biggest and most impactful design decisions you can make for your wedding day. Couple's have been inspired by anything from each other, memorable trips, or enjoyable parts of nature paired with their wedding's location and date to build the perfect color palette.

From the classic garden greenery and ivory that never goes out of style to the bold berry tones that took trend in 2021, there can be so many options to choose from. But we'll teach you the tried and true way to build the perfect color palette meant for you and your partner.

First, it's important to start with your inspiration point. What do you want your color palette to be inspired by? Will you and your partner both bring your favorite colors to the table and use that as your inspiration? Did you get engaged someplace special, a place where perhaps the colors there were inspiring? Does your venue already have a color palette that you're in love with and want to play into? Consider these things when choosing your perfect colors.

Once you've decided what your inspiration point will be, it's time to understand color balance. And to do this, we recommend using our F.F.A.M. Rule or Focal-Foundation-Accent-Metallic rule.

Choose one (or two) colors that will serve as your focal colors. This (these) will be the color that is most memorable from your color palette and is the color that comes first to mind when thinking of the colors you'd like to see for your wedding.

Next, choose one color that will serve as your foundation color. This color is typically a neutral color such as white, ivory, gray, sand or sometimes black. This is the color that will blend all of your colors together and should be carefully considered when matched with your focal colors. For example, Soft Ivory paired with a contrasting Black as the foundation color can provide for a very modern, stunning, and bold color choice. (as seen in the photo below)

Versus a Soft Ivory paired with a Sandy, Taupe as the foundation color can provide for a very romantic and airy color choice. (as seen in the photo below)

It's important to remember that how you do color is up to you! For very colorful and vibrant weddings, you may want to showcase more of your focal colors and less of your foundation color. For softer, more muted palettes, your foundation color should be seen quite often to bring balance to your palette.

Once your focal and foundation colors have been chosen, you can opt to add an accent color. Being luxury floral designers, we never miss an opportunity to add an accent color because we know it provides depth and in most case can even be the supporting actor to the focal color. Check out this beautiful bridal bouquet in traditional blush tones. If you look closely, you'll see accents of yellow which help the blush tones pop more.

Lastly, you'll choose your metallic accent! Choose form gold, silver, rose gold, or even copper. (It's important to note that you can choose to skip the metallic altogether for a more modern look. Just be prepared to know a few luxury rental places for your flatware that can provide options outside of gold and silver flatware.

We'd love to help you build your perfect color palette next!

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