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Rose Wedding Deigns
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Wedding Planning , Floral Design ,Event Design

Our wedding design house offers full wedding planning services, floral design, and event design bringing your wedding to life from logistics to aesthetics. In taking care of all the pieces for you, we make sure that your designs are carefully curated from the start and that no stone is left unturned in execution. 


We believe great wedding planning starts with making our couples feel secure and ends with making sure every detail is in place for a smooth wedding. During the journey with our couples we become careful listeners, budget advisors, etiquette coaches, agreement negotiators, family mediators, stationery designers, stylists, confidants, and whatever else it takes to make our clients feel relaxed during the process. With over 10 years of experience, we know which details will come up, may come up, and can handle- with ease- the unexpected details that just so happen to come up. From booking room blocks to managing cake deliveries to vendor management, our couples rely on us to know that they are in capable hands. 


We dare say this is our favorite part!  Our flower designs are organic, airy, and balanced. By pairing hearty blooms, whimsical accent flowers, and romantic greenery together, we create a signature look that is often romantic and dreamy. To date, our team has done mounted floral installations from the ceiling of pampas grass and sandstone roses. We've created impactful centerpieces of butterfly ranunculus and stark white orchids. We've created garden-inspired ceremony designs playing on the idea of our Bride walking through a garden of roses. Whatever your vision is, we take pride in bringing it life in the most beautiful way. 


Event design goes beyond your florals and focuses on what your guests experience during your wedding and how they connect with you! This is often the most personalized aspect of your wedding. We're talking a custom globe seating chart with name tags attached to mini compasses for a couple that loved to travel or a custom disco ball and white rose installation for a couple getting married on New Years all the way down to selecting the perfect chair for your wedding much like you would choose the perfect pair of shoes to accent your attire. Everything from how your dinner napkin feels in your guests' hands to the aromas they smell in your flowers is considered when exploring and curating the design of your wedding.

Wherever you are in your engagement journey, we want to be the first step to starting your planning journey. We'd love to work with you to create the wedding you deserve. Let's Connect. 

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