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Co-Owner | Designer | Planner

Hello! I am Marnetia (Mar-nee-sha), co-owner of ReFour & After. I am the lead planner and designer for this husband and wife team, boutique wedding planning and design company out of Atlanta. With my husband by my side, we focus on the sophisticated bride to provide step by step planning with truly original, unique designs tailored to our couples. Ultimately, we consider ourselves to be artists or even creators. Over the years, we have been blessed to be able to design and plan stunning weddings and work with amazing couples. But a stunning wedding and amazing couple is only surface level for us. We make it a point to dig deeper into the client's vision and into ourselves to create a wedding so personal to the couple with design elements that have never before been seen. (learn more about this in the bio below). We might ask about your lifestyle, where you like to eat, where you like to shop, what style of car you like to drive. For us, it is more than creating a wedding that we've all seen on instagram or pinterest. In fact, we run away from this. Instead, we challenge our brides to think outside of what they have consistently seen so they can be true to their own vision and ask that they trust us to bring that vision to life in a unique, originally designed wedding.


Color: Hunter Green

Drink: Organic Margaritas

Place: Chicago

Flower: Carnation

Wedding Moment: Having the pleasure of sending the bride and groom off blissfully!